In the following, we create a new model of play based on the technical materials describing the Brazilian and Hungarian theory of play. In this process, we analyze and define the Brazilian football philosophy.

  1. Goncalves (The Principles of Brazilian Football, page 173 ):

“Brazilian football is a national philosophy. Whatever the age and level of the player he plays with the

  • same „style”,
  • with the same “technical repertory” and
  • with the same „tactical concept”.” 

Because, „the way in which a football team displays its knowledge, that is the STYLE. The style expresses the team in its teamwork, or the technical capabilities of of the individual.” (Mihály Pillinger) 

What is the connection between the style, the technique and the tactics?

“The starting point would be the style. This would generate the technical and the tactical part. The technique and the tactics serve the style! The technique, originating from the style, needs to be adapted and taught.” (Dr. Géza Kalocsay)

From the quotations above, the following conclusions can de drawn:

  1. Every Brazilian instructor or coach believes in identical interpretation of play and philosophy of play. This is the predominant and highest principle in their thinking.
  2. The starting point of the mindset of the Brazilian coach is the Brazilian STYLE OF PLAY.
  3. The style of play ensures flexibility in the football team.

..because any systems of play can be used in the same style of play. An example of this is the Brazilian National Team, which in every world championship event plays a different system of play, but it’s style of play is unchanged.

This is also true in reverse. One can play in the same system of play, but with differentiated styles. Let us examine the English 4-4-2 system of play against the 4-4-2 employed by both the Italians and the Brazilians; The system of play is the same, but the style is completely different. In Brazilians clubs not only is the style identical; but they also play with the same „tactical concept”, which we henceforth will call concept of play.  

  1. The Brazilian clubs use an identical „technical repertory” to display the Brazilian style, which we henceforth will call Style technique.

Based on the pronouncements of football professionals we encounter the following terminology:

  • style,
  • concept of play,
  • tactics,
  • style technique.

In order to illustrate our new playing model, we need to understand that the Brazilian coaches have a different understanding of technique and tactics than the European professionals.

In the current section, we will only discuss the precisely understanding of the points related to „tactics”.

(Ödön Holits– Mihály Mamusich: A modern futball elmélete 1936 [The principles of modern football 1936],

  1. Goncalves: A brazil futball alapelvei 1998 [The principles of Brazilian football 1998])

Tactics = Deployment + deployment plan, ie.

Tactics = system of play + teamwork.

Based on our determinations made to this point, we will illustrate on the following page the model of play describing the Brazilian mindset!

We merely need to illustrate the thoughts formed by the pronouncements of professionals!

„That in which a football team displays its knowledge, is called STYLE. The style expresses the capabilities of that team’s teamwork and the capabilities of the individuals.”

“The style would be the starting point. This leads to the technical and tactical parts. The technique and tactics serve the style. The technique that originates from the style is what must be adapted and taught.”

Therefore, our model of play is as follows:

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