The subscription procedure is as follows::
The price of a 6-month subscription is:  40 (Euros)
1) At the given email address indicate your wish to subscribe. Create a User Name which you wish to use on our website. 
My E-mail adress:  brasfutb@gmail.com


2) We will respond to your email request with our bank account information to which payment should be made. 


3) After payment is received our Administrator will register your User Name and Password created by you. 


4) We will notify you via email when your payment has been received and we will confirm your User Name, Password and the Expiration date of your subscription. With your User Name and Password you will be able to log on to our website. On our website, you will also be able to modify your Password if desired.  


5) After logging on to our website you will immediate access to all of our instructional material.


6) In case if any technical questions, we will be at your disposal.
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