English concept

English concept:

– Reach the offensive zone’s center within three touches

Dutch concept

Dutch concept:

– – Achieve 1 v 1 situations via positional plays

– Setting up depth penetration by emphasizing plays down the wings

German concept

 German concept:

– Winning the individual duels

– Establish a master-player’s dominance

Italian concept

Italian  concept:

– Disrupt the opponent’s play

– Defend and counterattack!

Why is the end product of the player’s development for each football culture so different?

Before we can answer that question, it is crucial to understand the following:

„ We consider the correct understanding of the technique a fundamental observational issue, because only then can we realize the training of a branch of sport.” (János Páder (Playing Basketball 1981)

Because of the aforementioned, it is not a trivial issue what tecHnique we teach the players. It is not a trivial matter whether or not we teach style technique (ex. Brazil), functional technique (ex. Holland, Italy, England), or technical elements (ex. Germany).


Because, otherwise the results of instruction would have a different end result!

On the basis of teaching of techniques, what kind of players do we get as the „end product”?


  • football artists


Italy, England:

  • football technicians


  • football specialists

The aforementioned assessments apply to the average players, the footballing masses and not necessarily the national teams

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