As mentioned previously, Brazilians are not accustomed to the European positional play, and the various coordinating drills ( – with ball, – set up, applied coordinating drills etc.) either. Also, they do not conduct movement coordination drills in a separate training block; rather, into the style technique drills, built into the attacking drives. We show examples of this in the first section.

We split the series of drills into two parts:

  1. Brazilian-type drills
  2. European-type drills

First we demonstrate how the Brazilians teach the „build up and break down the formation” itself.

Then we show the European drills that the Brazilians do not use, because they are unfamiliar with these type of drills.

In detail:

1. Brazilian-type drills:

Didactics of instruction:

1) The teaching of teamwork via the players’ roles, through the ROLES IN RELATION TO THE BALL (T1, T2, T3, T4 and V1, V2, V3). In this case, the coach builds up the teamwork from the direction of the attackers. In other words, teamwork build up from the front.

2) The teaching of team play via the tasks to be executed resulting from attacking mode.  Then, the coach begins to build up teamwork from the defensive side. Here, the player learns the TASKS RELATED TO HIS POSITION. In other words, build up of teamwork from behind.

2. European-type drills:

  • Style technique drills. The style technique drills are such that the players learn the teamwork elements of the given style, mainly through continuous movement forward.
  • Base coordination drills. The base coordination drills are such that the players learn the Brazilian style technique.
  • Pendulum drills. Where the players in a given formation, moving back and forth, carry out the elements of the given teamwork style.
  • Positional play. This is defined as where the players practice the diagonally attacking plays within a given area.
  • Applied coordination drills. Where the players practice certain positions’ duties within the teamwork structure.
  • Attacking probes/movements.
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