Dear reader!

I hope you were able to glean new information about Brazilian football in our book. We tried to present the game organization which engenders a creative, innovative game, in which only apparently „unexpected” things happen, because the Brazilians utilize a logically constructed game organization. A game organization which does not suppress individuality, but enhances its ability to thrive and blossom.

Their game organization is completely different than that which the Europeans use. It is not based on a fixed model, and is not predictable. It is full of unexpected, sudden, creative variations. Of course, all of this is only surprising to those who are not familiar with the inner logic of the Brazilian training, development and game organization.

I hope that you are able to utilize in your coaching and instruction, all of the concepts that we presented in our book.

Wishing you good luck!

Budapest,  19th October 2010

The author:

Attila Ferenczi 


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