The principle of Brazilian teamwork-organization:

  • At a decisive place, decisive moment, gaining a decisive advantage
  • Build up and breakdown of formations (configurations)
  • Organization of diagonal play (the attacking players position themselves „diagonally” with respect to the ball)

Brazilian peculiarities in attacking mode:

The offensive (attacking) tools used to display the Brazilian style are the following:

  • Attacking with tempo
  • Circular ball movement

In detail:


The tasks to be executed while attacking with tempo:

  1. Establishing setup formation
  2. Seeking tempo

Tool: Ball possession. „Putting to sleep”. Freezing the ball.

Objective: Disturbing the balance of opposing defense. Stirring up, finding breaches in the opponent’s defense

  1. Setting the tempo. Timing.

Objective: Finding the right time to see helplessness in the opponent, when the attacking team can initiate the breaching of the defensive lines.

  1. Carrying out the action. Penetrating the defensive wall, or breaching the line of defense.
  • CIRCULATING THE BALL (In Brazil, it is a fundamentally taught: the one-time or successive circulation of the ball)

The tasks to be carried during the CIRCULATION OF THE BALL:

1) Establishing setup formation

2) Initiating of attack on the edges of the field of play

3) Opening cracks, penetrating the (organized) opponent’s defensive wall as deeply as possible, seeking the opportunity for a pass. When no passing opportunity exists, then

4) Retreating the ball while maintaining a diagonally attacking playing position

5) Switching the ball to the opposite wing. Repeating the 3rd action above.

Brazilian peculiarities during „Weaving of the attack”:

1) building up of formation, (via diagonally attacking play)

2) breaking down the formation

3) getting the ball to starting point of the new formation


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