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In Brazil, „technique” has a different meaning as in European football literature. Therefore the Brazilian coach instructs differently then his European counterparts.

In this section, we illustrate the Brazilian style technique, in other words, we illustrate the typical Brazilian „teamwork principles”:

Traditional, but teamwork principles also employed by the Brazilians

1) Traditional, but teamwork principles also employed by the Brazilians:

– upon receipt of the ball, movement to opposite direction („Receiving the ball from the right, turning to the left”) etc.)

– playing to player moving into an empty space, also called perpendicular play

– triangulation

  1. Horizontal „A” return pass

2. Horizontal return pass „B”

  1. Horizontal return pass, also called inside penetration

4. Circling behind, also called outside penetration

5. Up pass, return pass

6. Passing play in pairs

Typical Brazilian teamwork principles

2) Typical Brazilian teamwork principles:

– Receiving and passing counter to the direction of movement direction and vision direction (receiving, passing, sudden switching of direction of attack)

– Attacking play originating from back deep (A4)

– Starting forward after return pass

– Starting forward after making pass (creating space for the team mate preparing for attacking play)

– using the sole technique

– due to style-defined „injury free” play:

  • Instead of the playing into open spaces, the objective: playing the open (empty) man
  • In the instruction for football technique, upon receiving and possessing the ball, protecting one’s own body

– passing with the outside of boot, receiving with the outside of boot

– „build up – break down” with diagonal play

– after pass, positioning to diagonally attacking play

Observation: Let us not forget that the rhythm of the implementation of the techniques shown above is very IMPORTANT.. because the style techniques assist in the rhythm change after the slower play!


It is through the instruction of the style technique that the player learns the playing culture (style) into which he was born.

According the Brazilian school of thought, one must teach style technique (ie. SPECIAL, CULTURE-DEPENDENT footballing technique), and not the generic football technique!!!


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