In what way does the Brazilian training philosophy differ from the European?! 2.

According to the Brazilian concept, every play opportunity/position is the same. In this concept, there are three types of players:

  1. The one who possesses the ball, he is attacking player #1;
  2. The one who receives it, he is attacking player #2;
  3. The one who receives it from the latter, he is the attacking player #3.

And, from here the roles are repeated, because in the course of attacking, someone will always possess the ball, someone will always receive it and so on…

The Brazilians teach football through roles, where during play, the players are continually “switching roles”. The tool for this method is the “FORMATION BUILDUP AND BREAKDOWN” organization of play.

I hope that from this overview it will be evident, that the Brazilian football philosophy operates with a completely different system of drills/movements, instructional methods and notions.

The essential differences in instruction, compared to other schools:

  1. FUTSAL-based training;
  2. Playing by positioning to the ball;
  3. Brazilian style technique;
  4. Brazilian philosophy and theory;
  5. Brazilian model of play.

To the big question posed at the beginning of this article, or:


Our response: NO!

  • As a final argument on the aforementioned theme, a wise quote from master coach   Ferenc Kovács (teammate of Hungarian national team player, legendary Ferenc Puskás): 

„It is possible that the world has changed, but the BASIC MENTALITY has not!!! The world’s football has developed, but it has developed while guarding its traditions; for, the nations which incorporate their own philosophies, still today, carry their styles, their cultures forward, despite changes due to development.”


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