Source: Thadeu Gonçalves: ”The principles of Brazilian soccer”

Characteristics of the Brazilian style:

– football is art; the embodiment of self-expression

– beautiful, enjoyable, passionate play

– playing while avoiding injury

– pleasure with and loving to play

– safe, unpredictable, easy movements play

– keeping possession of ball as long as possible

– playing the ball on the ground, on the pitch (aerial balls only on crossing, shooting on goal and when switching sides)

– minimal number of touches

– minimal risk, making logical decisions, improvise only as a last resort

– continuous movement, circulation, maintenance of ball speed (ball circulation)

– unexpected switching of point of attack

– minimizing exertion of energy („let the ball run, not the player”)

Order of priority of the characteristics of style:

1) Joy of playing, enjoying the game

2) Developing as a player

3) Winning (a draw is considered a defeat)

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