Welcome, football professionals, enthusiasts of Brazilian „samba” football” and Barcelona style!

Would you like your squad to play in the Brazilian-Barcelona style?

  • Can you ever imagine your squad „hiding” the ball while the opposing defense is confused about which continuously and unpredictable circulating attacking players to mark?
  • Did you you know that the Brazilian-Barcelona style can be taught on all levels? Could you imagine that the Brazilian-Barcelona style can be learned even without Messi, Ronaldinho or Neymar?

If it interests you, how the Brazilian national eleven and the Barcelona squad are organised, you

  • Would you have thought perhaps, that the play of the squads mentioned above are not based on triangular play?
  • Would you have thought that according to the Brazilian and Barcelona concept of play, the solution of any play-opportunity is the same; that these opportunities’ solutions can be made „typical”?
  • Did you know that the players of the above mentioned squads position themselves during play based on concrete play-opportunity solutions? Are  you curious about this play-opportunity problem solving algorithm?
  • Would you have believed, that the play of the Brazilians and Barcelona, contrary to popular belief, is not built on improvising play -, but is a precisely organised style of playing which is the result of coaching methods?
  • Did you know that the reason Brazilian-Barcelona players make quick decisions on the pitch, because they are always looking up from the ball in one direction, the direction of the solution?
  • Would you have believed that there is an order (ranking) in looking up from the ball?
  • Are you curious about Guardiola’s organisation of play?

  • Would you be surprised if I told you that you can also play creative football if I establish conditions for the course (flow) of play?
  • Would you have believed that one of the secrets of the success of Brazilian-Barcelona football is hidden in supporting play without the ball?
  • Have you ever heard of the instruction of football through roles of play?
  • Are you interested in a coaching thought process using style as the starting point?
  • Does the „formation building-formation breakdown” organisation of play interest you?

  • Did you know, that the foundation of the Brazil-Barcelona style was laid down by the Dream (Golden) Team (Hungary), in the 50s, with the help of Ferenc Puskás?
  • Would you have ever thought that the Hungarian Golden Team’s play was based on knowledge/experience of theories of play? (ie. conscious planning..)
  • Did you know that the Hungarian Golden Team used to be called Europe’s Brazilians?
  • Would you be astonished, if I stated that the Brazilian-Barcelona style and the Hungarian Golden Team’s play comes from the same root?

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